Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dom Unit counsel meeting: Stop using a carrot on a stick on us.

The Dom (dormitory) unit recently held its counsel meeting in the APR room, and there were several hot issues brought up.

1. Nurses from other units just walking into members rooms without knocking (when there are signs on the doors that say PLEASE KNOCK), and getting nosy about members areas within those rooms. 

2. The one man who got the computers removed from Rankin 2. Staff said he was just the last item, that they were planning on yanking those computers out anyways, he just gave them the excuse they needed.

3. One bad apple spoiling it for everyone else. Case in point, the computers on Rankin 2. One idiot ruined it for everyone else. Many members (veterans) are angry that he only lost computer privileges for 30 days. Many think it should be for a whole year.

4. Another bad apple MELTED the top of the toaster in the pantry of Rankin 3. This made it unsafe. They were trying to use it to do something it was not designed to do: heat up a tv dinner tray.  Dianna Knoll, activities person for R3, said she would get it replaced, but that it was the 2nd one this year. And that if this new one got destroyed, the members would have to replace it.

Someone put signs in the pantry stating that, and one of the idiot veterans (one of the bad apples) wrote FU on it..

5. There was a unit picnic the day of the meeting and to be able to go to it, you had to attend the meeting unless you were working a job such as the bait shop, bike shop, poppy room, etc..

  Wayne complained that we should not have to attend a meeting to be able to go to a unit function, such as the picnic. That what the staff was doing was putting a carrot on stick in front of us and that he was very offended by it. Three others agreed with him.

  He also said, that most people do not attend the meetings anymore because staff does not listen and veterans have no say in what happens here, no voice at all. So why go at all?

Wayne is right though. Members listen to staff whine and bitch about things, and when the members offer workable solutions the staff just ignores it all.  We have documented this.

And when members bring up issues that higher administration people need to know, the existing staff that attend these meetings, do not pass the information on to the higher ups.

And I for one, agree. If it is a unit function, then they should be able to go, even if they do not attend the meetings.

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  1. We already have cameras on the Dom Unit. Why can't they put one computer on each of Rankin 2 and 3 and place a camera there to ensure the safety and security of those computers. Why make the rest of us that obey the rules suffer for those that refuse to follow simple usage guidelines. And I've heard that the punishment the offending member received for ruining the use of the computers for ALL of us that obeyed the rules, was a mere 30 days of not being able to use the computers. Not ONE SINGLE furlough day for destruction of property. What's up with that?? I feel if the offender were someone different, the punishment would have been quite harsher. I guess it all depends on who you are, yet again!!!


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