Friday, July 13, 2012

Thank You, Universal Forest Products for Pizza and Bingo.

Well, we had a wonderful day today. Nice, sunny, warm. And Universal Forest Products came and held a bingo outside on the Pavilion next to Kozy Corners.  They brought soda pop, and refreshments, and snacks and cookies for us to eat while we played bingo.

And this was no cheap 1 dollar bingo. They started out with 5 dollar Meijer gift cards, then went to 10 dollar cards, and last 20 dollar cards.

After that they went to cash! Again 5 dollars, 10, then 20, and then they gave away 3, 50 dollar cash prizes for bingo.

After an hour and a half of giving out money, they then brought us Pizza. WOW.  All the time we played, the folks from Universal served us; we didn't have to leave our seats. They did a great job of it.

We veterans had a great time, and really appreciate it when some group comes in and does a bingo and lunch like Universal Forest Products did.

I for one, did not win at bingo, even though every time I had 3 or more ways to win. LOL, ya can't win them all.  But I did have a good time talking with friends and eating pizza afterwards.

So on behalf of my fellow veterans and residents of the home here, We say THANK YOU Universal Forest Products! We hope to see you folks again.

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  1. I've gotta say, Universal Forest Products have been one sponser that has been with us as long as I've been here, and bar none, they ALWAYS take the BEST care of us. There Christmas bingos are the one bingo I never miss. When it comes to caring about Vets...Universal, You guys are THE BEST, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!


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