Friday, July 6, 2012

Vet Advocate to State AG: Veteran imprisoned at Vets Home by abusive Guardian laws.

It has been rumored by 3 different people, none of which was the advocate who is doing the filing, that a Constitutional Rights violation is occuring at the Veterans home on one of the Veterans.

You have read in this blog about Richard Ware's case. Now a complaint that he is being imprisoned here against his will, by the corrupted Guardian laws and a corrupt guardian and a State of Michigan Judge, is being filed with the State Attorney General.

Allegedly named in the complaint are Grand Rapids Home for Veteran Counclor  Karen Fugi, for her roll in suggesting Cynthia Thornbury be appointed Richard Ware's guardian. It seems Karen Fugi is responsible for getting her friend Cynthia Thornbury appointed as guardian for a number of veterans, many of whom are afraid to speak up out of fear of being expelled from the home - which is the last place they have to live.

Michigan Guardian Cynthia Thornbury is also named, for her refusal to cooperate with the Advocate, for her refusal to explain where proceeds from the sale of Richard Ware's car went to, and where 30 thousand dollars disappeared from his bank account, among other things. Also, recently Cythia Thornbury imposed her will and told the Federal VA that Richard does NOT live at his house, that his house address is NOT his address.  She has blocked his resources (funding) from being transferred to Richards wife over Richards objections.  She has all but caused both Richard and his wife Cheryl to loose their home, which is still being paid for.

Also named is Family court Judge David Murkowski, Chief Justice. Apparently it is Murkowski that has declared Richard to be incompetent or some kind of status like that, that prevents Richard from leaving the veterans home.  The federal VA tests show Richard is competent. Also, Murkowski's ruling almost destroyed the family unit, instead of protecting it. Murkowski also fined a lawyer representing Mrs.Ware, because the lawyer was doing his job. That is a sure sign of corruption in the Murkowski court room and needs to be investigated.

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  1. Someone left me a comment that I am editing to protect her privacy.

    Here it is:

    Could the writer of this blog please contact me? I am the daughter of a decorated Vietnam Vet who wishes to be placed in this home and I am also a veteran. I have been horrified by what I have read and seen here. All of you deserve so much better!

    We have an appointment to visit the facility on Friday, July (date) at 2:30pm so that we can take a look around. If you see us, please tell my father that this is not where he wants to be.

    My name is V.W. and you can reach me at (email addy edited to protect ID).

    My heart goes out to all of you and you're in my prayers.


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