Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rumors about Donations.

2 people have told me that a local sporting goods business has made several donations and recently found some of them at the "in the image" 2nd hand shop.  And of course, that person was very unhappy about that.

As J told them, to ensure their donations got to the veterans, they needed to give them to a veteran, who would then make sure the proper people get the the items.

Some Members are trying to ensure that donated items get to the vets, and not put on that "in the image" truck.

Also, Greg told me that another acoustic guitar with  soft case, and guitar stand, was donated to the Guitars for Veterans class.

Also,  he obtained another donated laptop and is going over it to see if it is use able by one of the members. If so, Greg will set it up and then give it to the veteran. He is not sure this one will work though as its an older Compaq Presidio that originally ran Windows ME.

We thank those who make such donations.


  1. Just to let you know so you can spread the word, the American legion Post in Leslie ( between lansing and Jackson ) are taking up a collection of snacks, clothes and lap blankets for the Veterans home, our Church and others in the Community are helping with collections. I hope...... they are given to the members. They are going to deliver them July 25, I think. I'll let you know the exact date, they took the list out of the magizine the Home sends out. including razors, soap and toileteries. Spread the word, you veterans deserve this.

  2. Basic items such as those you mentioned are usually give out to veterans once a month via a service cart.

    Big ticket items, such as bikes, Sporting goods for the bait shop, etc.. need to be brought to the proper people. For bikes, the bike shop in the mornings. For sporting goods - fishing related, the bait shop, also in the mornings. Winter clothing especially coats, need to be dropped off at the front office, but put on them, a tag that says for VETERANS, not staff and NOT for "in the image" which is the 2nd hand store truck that visits here at least once a week.

  3. Also, Guitars and musical related stuff should be dropped off at the security office, so that a member who is also a member of the Guitars for Veterans group can come down and get them and deliver them to the Guitars for Veterans head instructor.



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