Monday, August 27, 2012

Offical Records do NOT lie. Thornberry needs to answer up.

State Ordered guardian Cythia Thornberry (or how ever you spell her name) needs to be brought to Justice and made to explain why one of her wards has had his ID Stolen twice in the last 90 days.

Both instances involved cell phone usage, and both instances were discovered not by Thornberry, but by the wife of the veteran victim for whom Thornberry has done everthing in her power to keep the wife away from the husban veteran.

In the latest case, a 3rd party collections agency called the Veterans home number, (not at grand rapids home for vets where the veteran is), and demanded payment.

The Wife, whose marrage rights have been abused by the Michigan Probate court judge Murkowski in conjunction with the court appointed guardian Cynthia Thornberry, has no idea what she can do becasue the court has her on some trumped up charge of contempt or something, and she is out on probation and is afraid to do anything for fear of being imprisoned in jail. One lawyer who tried to help her even got sanction by the abusive judge Murkowski.

In the mean time, this veterans Credit score is being trashed, his name in the commuintity is being trashed and Thornberry doesn't have a damm clue as to what is going on.

I am told that one of the doctors here wants the wife to have a copy of her husbands medical records, but Thornberry said NO and has stopped it. Now the Doctor is trying to help the couple get rid of the abusive guardian who has all but destroyed the lives of these two people.

I tell them to seek a lawyer who will take their case to federal court and go after both Thornberry and Michigan judge Murkowski for violating both of their rights, via a title 18 1942 lawsuit, which I believe is commonly called a Blivins action. They have enough proof of it.

The really sad thing about this is, since the court has appointed a guardian over the veteran, the guardian has abused him and his wife, and controls his assets. He has nothing without her approval and is imprisoned at the vets home because of it.

We are obtaining the record from both phone companies and records do not lie. Cynthia Thornberry is responsible for securing the private information about this veteran, and she has slipped up twice. Time for her to be held accountable.

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