Monday, August 6, 2012

Warning: Theives at work at Grand Rapids Home for Veterans and the administration does nothing. - Update

Today I was hounded by several veteran members who reported to me a discusting incident that occured within the last 24 hours.

Sunday night, 5 August 2012, at the Sunday Night Karaoke put on by Alan and Kathy. One of the workers who works down in the ITP room, who comes to Karaoke night, had her purse stolen by 3 of the members, two of whom are known drunks. It appears they intentionally preyed upon her to steal her money.  The purse was recovered but the money and credit cards and keys to her car were not. $10.00 was taken.

It is being reported that security looked into it, and 2 of the members admitted to stealing the purse. They are still here. Why?

After Months of openly drinking at the Pavilion in violation of having alcohol on the property, then moving over to the Duck pond landing at the end of Rankin building, one of the 3 individuals, although here by court order should be removed immediately and sent to the VA hospital in Battle Creek, or Locked up in a lock down unit for his part in this willful disregard of personal property.

The other person, known to steal already, should have had his things packed by noon and put out on the street.

The 3rd person remains unclear if he had anything to do with the theft but he was caught drinking with the other 2 on the property.

The victim has decided not to press charges. This is wrong. She needs to.  The home so far has done nothing to punish the other 2.

These 2 idiots make the rest of us look bad. One bad apple or in this case 2, are spoiling it for the rest of us. Why won't this administration do something about the thieves?  It must be because they want it to happen.

More info will be posted as it becomes available.

Update: NOTHING has been done to Scott. Nothing will be done to Scott. Marvin the 2nd person was just given a Paying JOB here, pushing a cart loaded with snacks up to the units in the Mann and McKleish buildings in the evenings.

This just in: Marvin was given 10 days out in addition to his new job when he gets back.
I guess its ok to steal stuff from people: You don't go to jail and you get a paid job here as a reward!
These 2 dumb asses are lucky the veterans haven't beat the crap out of them for stealing.

2nd Update: Scott put in courtyard for 30 days. Members are telling me Scott was put into courtyard today for 30 days for his part in this theft.  Court yard is where the ward is locked down, you have to have a care giver with you at all times when you go outside the ward, and there is no alcohol and limited smoking privileges while you are there.

So, a wrap up, it took this place 2 weeks to decide what to do with these 2. If the lady whose purse was stolen had pressed charges, it would  have taken the home just 12 hours.


  1. Is this lack of punishment a done deal or is their decision pending an investigation into the matter??

  2. I think the punishment (or lack there of) was handed out the way it was, was because they are on 2 different units. Scott lives in the 1st floor of the Dom. You can get away with nearly anything UNLESS you live in the Dom. On Rankin 2 or 3. Marvin lives on one of those other 2 units, hence the furlough. He had also been kicked out of karaoke on a couple of occasions due to being intoxicated

  3. MORE STEALING, We have discussed ALL the females, mostly non-Vets, get private rooms AND keys to lock them!! Too many of us have had our property stolen out of our rooms due to lack of security. A couple of nights ago, my roommate and I thought we heard someone quietly enter our room, and this person was in our common area. We both got up, and what do you know?, A fellow member, drunk off his a_s rooting around in our area. His excuse? In slurred, don't light a match near him breath, "ah, ah, I must be in the wrong room! On top of that, we have nurses, some not even from our unit, coming into our room without so much as a knock. If NON VETERANS living here get safety and security, how come we can't?? Why bother, they won't help us with that either.


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