Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stinky Update: back to being a sench bomb and health threat.

Back on July 5th, we posted that Stinky had been required to take a shower and change his clothing.
Well, sad to say here it is the end of August and hes had the same stuff on since that day.

Now we have had 6 cases of bacterial pneumonia reported here at the home in the last 2 months.

Stuff like that can be spread by people like this.
Our rules in our member handbook state that members must practice good personal hygiene yet this one doesn't  have to. 

It is, in part, why people are constantly sick here.


  1. Where is the nurse who required him to get cleaned up 2 months ago? Does she still work on your unit?

  2. Unfortunately, The great new nurse we got to replace Annete, The one that FINALLY, gave him the shower and change or be discharged is on medical leave. HOPEFULLY, she'll be back before we all catch something from him, besides just the FOUL ODOR!!

  3. UNFOURTUNATELY, she's on medical leave. But hopefully she'll be back soon!!


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