Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cooks too damm lazy to do their job? Fire them!

We have a person who works in the kitchen that needs to be fired or disciplined with time off. Last Saturday's lunch was Smoked Sausage on Bun. NO condiments were available.

It turns out a condiment bar was scheduled but the person whose job it was to do it, decided not to because they just came back to work from sick leave, and didn't want to have to put one up.

The people in charge allowed it. So the vets had nothing to eat on their sausage.

How long does it take to dump some catchup, mustard, onions, chopped pickle, into metal trays that get taken out and put on the salad bar? 20 min's at most. 

We PAY for this garbage, what they call a meal. And now we are not getting what we are being forced to pay for.   All because someone wanted to be lazy.

Fire 'em.

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  1. This is amazing because the "cooks" do not do any cooking anyway as they just warm up whatever they get from Gordons. Now they get to decide if they have the energy to put out salad or condiments. Why are they called "cooks" and I agree with you why do they still have their jobs?


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