Friday, September 14, 2012

The perception of stupid administrating.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what you will see here, will be worth at least a short story.

Over near the Rankin building on the north side of the complex, is an area that contains a horseshoe pit area, for the sport of throwing horse shoes. See pix 1. These pits get used for about 3 hours at a time, 3 times a year when the activities person Walt, has a tournament for members. The rest of the time, the pits are used as a place to hide food for the squirrels and as a dust bath for birds.
Pic 1, existing horse shoe pits.

Now these pits are separated from the building by a large flat cemented patio where there are benches, and tables for members to sit on.

3 times a year these pits get used. RARELY at any other time, do you see someone actually tossing some of those horse shoes.

Now, some Bell View Genius has decided we need 3 of them!
 Oh yeah, like we really need these. Where is the money comming from, and who is paying for these things? We do NOT NEED THEM at all!

3 new pits

And to make things worse, in Rankin 2, there is a HOLE in the ceiling over the showers, that goes up to the 3rd floor shower room. This hole has been there for over 4 years.  They have money for new horse shoe pits that will be used 3 times a year, but they cannot fix a hole in a ceiling?!!

Do we really need 3 new pits, when this room gets used DAILY by veterans?

Is it any wonder they see this as proof of stupid administrating by the current staff of this place?

The "private contractor" that is building the pits, is using State owned materials, and equipment, such as the back hoe tractor. 

Yet the home cannot get a contractor to fix the Rankin 2 shower room.

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  1. Let's see..What could we use more for ALL of us Vets?? 3 new Horseshoe pits, or I don't know? Everyone of us could suggest what WE would like maybe?? I would like more TV channels. Maybe Comedy Central, I'd like to laugh a little more. Maybe Fox News? All we get is the Democratic bent CNN. FX has lots of great shows. I'm sure, had they had the decency to maybe consult the Vets that ACTUALLY have to LIVE HERE what new things WE would like, and take a poll to at least CONSIDER how we think the money would be best spent to benefit us ALL, something useful could have come of those funds. But, yet AGAIN, our opinion does not matter!! Thanks for wasting the space, AND what little funds we get. I'm DIGUSTED!! But NOT surprised!!


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