Saturday, September 29, 2012

No wonder guys can't get what they need at the Clothing Room.

I have written about this new clothing room and how it looks nice, like a department store, but functionally, it is a failure. It fails to keep sizes on hand that members need.  While it is a bit easier to get around in, the fact is, the older clothing room had more stuff and more sizes available to you, and was open more often too.

This new location and new management, doesn't seem to be putting as much out, as the last one did. And it looks like they are not rotating stock as much either. I have seen the same pairs of shoes on the she now for 4 years, and none  is taking them. Time to rotate them out and bring in some new.

The old store had metal cabinets for shirts, jeans, sweats, and were packed to the top. his new store has a small shelf where they keep a few sizes on hand., and some wall hanging areas for shirts.

Lack of any thing over 3x is a real problem and we have a lot of guys that ARE 4x and bigger that are in wheelchairs.

If the purpose of the clothing room is to provide needed clothing, then this clothing room is a failure. It has too much open space in it and not enough exposed inventory that guys can get to.

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  1. Somehow things just don't seem to change when it comes to vets. Retired vets now, WW2 and Korea mostly, are getting stepped on on a daily basis. They served well and what's most unfortunate is that they got older.

    Is everyone associated with the Vets home beating up on the vets? No, I don't think so. However, there are those that have no idea what so ever on what what a Vet has gone through.

    If there is a way to put this group on a wall, or in a fox hole, and let them feel a bullet wiz past their head, or worse, have an arm or leg torn apart, it might just wake them up on what a Vet really is.

    Maybe then these block heads will look at a Vet and fix the little things that a Vet holds important.

    Note: I ran across this blog yesterday and have been scanning some of the posts. I'm a Vet and I've also visited some Vet homes. I salute anyone that remembers what a Vet has done to become a Vet.



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