Saturday, September 29, 2012

GRH4V Volunteer system needs overhauled and oversight imposed.

Seems I am getting a lot of reports of Cronyism in the volunteer system here at GRH4V. A specific group from a specific Veterans of Foreign wars post appears to be trying to gain complete control over the volunteer system here.

Starting with those who volunteer to run the volunteers office, to those who volunteer to distribute items donated to the home, to those who run Kozy Korners, to those who just volunteer for specific reasons or activities.  The entire system needs to be overhauled and clear and specific policies imposed. Also an oversight board, made up of member vets, and people from the general public, and one or two staff members, needs to be set up to ensure compliance and provide overseeing of the system, and to hear complaints.

Lack of fair and equal treatment for all volunteers is an issue here. Some get special treatment, others get mistreated and leave, and at least 4 have gone thru attempts to get them permanently expelled, and several after years of service, have been forced to leave.  Don Kramer for one, and Jerry the guy who ran Kozy corners for another. He reportedly got accused of stealing by a man who is also reported as having been CAUGHT stealing.

Policy changes and lack of enforcement are a big issue. An oversight board made up of member veterans and some people from outside this administration, might be able to change the way things are being done.

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  1. If you want anything from Kozy Korners, best be a friend of the 2 guys working there. 1 in particular. Seems like everything in Kozy Korners has come out of HIS pocket. I don't even bother going there anymore due to sheer frustration. Everytime I go there, your made to feel like you have to beg for personal care items and such. To the point that if you ask for something, his response is to the effect of: Why do you need X product, you just got it 2/3 weeks ago. I just want to tell him to SHUT UP, and just give me my DAMN DEODERANT!! How come they don't rotate these guys around so they don't get to the point they are at now, like THEY OWN THE PLACE!! Sorry, just frustration with some of these "volunteers"


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