Friday, September 28, 2012

Fair and equal treatment of Staff, is essential for the welfare of Veterans.

Many guys here are angry that a well appreciated volunteer has been forced to leave this place, never to return until the current administrator is replaced with a properly qualified individual.

I am talking about Don Kramer, a member of the Purple Heart organization that was forced to leave here, due to some incident with a nurse or a care giver. Rumor going around here, is that the care giver is a gold digger and tried to "come on" to Don, who played with her for a bit, but in the end rejected her advances.
Then 2 winters ago, in the winter of 2010-11, when the states smoking ban was enacted and veterans had no warm place to go outside to, to have their smokes, Don caught this person smoking inside, in a closed room. And that after a series of incidents, this person got caught by security.

In retaliation for his getting her into trouble, an old issue was brought up that was settled, and it was used against him, which resulted in his leaving. Even after over 300 veterans signed a petition to get him back, the will of the veterans was ignored by this administration.

Well this same care giver is still here. And many are now watching her. I am getting reports that she spends to much time outside smoking  and drinking coffee. Some times its 6 hours a day.  And that isn't right.

And she is not the only one. In Dom Unit, I have witnessed one nurse spend hours in the day room watching tv with the guys.  I have also watched the activities person do the same.

It is time to get rid of these people and bring in folks who are going to do their jobs and not sit around all day to collect a paycheck.

Staff members such as Gary Davis have told veterans that it is a privilege for them to be here. Maybe it is maybe it is not. Many of us paid for this privilege by giving our lives over to the United States union of several states, to protect it from all enemies. Many of us are combat veterans, Drafted, that is, forced to serve whether we wanted to or not. I myself am part of the volunteer military, that exists today with no Draft.
I gladly put my life on the line for 6 years to protect this country. So I believe I have earned a place here.

Not only that, but many of us, after leaving military service, became productive members of society. Working in private sector jobs, we helped to create the wealth of this nation, instead of parasiting off of it.

Public service workers do not add one penny of wealth to this nation. They don't do anything that creates wealth nor do they do "value added labor" to a product or service that increases its worth.  They live off the backs of taxpayers, which is why their jobs are a privilege.  THEY are the ones that should be worried.

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