Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Focus point; is this volunteer the center of a controversy that is bad for the Vets?

I do not like targeting specific people unless their case is so extreme that attention needs to be brought to it, so that needed changes can be applied and the situation corrected.

This controversy involves one man. Walt. The guy who collects all the items being donated to the home at the front welcome desk, and takes that stuff to a little office just a short skip down the hall where it is said, he sorts out the incoming donations.

This also the man involved with activities that holds "tournaments" of various kinds on Monday nights. Such tournaments have included: Pool, Texas hold em poker, shuffleboard, checkers, cribbage, and horse shoes.

One of the latest controversies surrounding this person is a new set of horse shoe pits.  We have 1 set of horse shoe pits that run parallel to the side walk on the back side of Rankin building. These pits get used 3 times a year when Walt has his tournament.

Recently a outside group gave a donation for the building of 3 professional regulation pits and what was actually created was a disaster and the people who made the donation are unhappy with what was built.

The fact is most people think the 3 new pits are a total waste of money and space, seeing how the old pit rarely got used at all.

Now besides tournaments, it is being reported that Walt was a Volunteer that recently has been HIRED by the home to work with the Activities department. it is reported tat he is an active member of an organization called Friends for Veterans, and the question of conflict of interest for him to be serving both.

Since walt is also the point man for all incoming donations to the home, some people are calling for an audit of all incoming items donated to the home that go thru Walt's little room, because many are NOT getting to the veterans.

And, I hate to say it, but I have heard from a dozen  people or more, that Walt himself has been caught taking home, donated items meant for veterans.That is stealing.  And it is exactly what member veterans are saying happens to too many donated items. The items get donated but veterans never get them.

Several Dom Unit guys have asked about the truck load of new flat screen TV's? Where did they all go?
And the Carhart winter Jackets; why did staff get them when they were meant for veterans?

And that truck from "in the image". What items are being sent there, and are they being inventoried, so that we know what is being sent and where it came from? Many guys think the donated items that are in good or new condition are being re-routed to this truck, so that someone can sell the items to make money, instead of giving the items to the veterans. And they say that is why the new clothing room lacks any good inventory.

And Walt seems to be at the center of all of this.

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