Sunday, October 14, 2012

2 Bloggers exposing the acts of the administration at Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

Mac decided to set me up with my own account, so that now what I write, will be credited to me. That is good since that piece of garbage in the front office kicked out  Mac last week. Well, if she ever figures out who I am she may target me. But unlike Mac, I don't use the homes internet. I have my own way of accessing the internet without having to go thru their hacked system.

Why should adults have to go thru a system that restricts where they go?. The internet is supposed to be open, but the way the paranoid staff at GRH4V runs things, you end up thinking you are in one of the state's many prison compounds.

It is pretty clear, that Mac got targeted by the administration. He was set up to be kicked out because he set this blog up for me, and contributed to it on about half the postings.  Why else would they put a parking citation ticket on his car, when other people were given information printouts?

And knowing mac's medical condition,( he can't even walk around the building twice without needing a nap),  his disciplinary history (none in 2 years), Should be reason enough to give him 5 or 10 days out for the threats he WROTE down, (LMAO).  How can anyone feel threatened by that fat tush? Sorry Mac, but you are just a big fat blob, who couldn't hurt a flee without needing a rest after 30 seconds, and these idiots thought you were going to hurt them? Ha ha, well, to me it serves as proof you were targeted for political reasons.

I mean, if you really wanted to hurt someone, would you give them warning that you were going to do it? NO. You would wait patiently for the right opportunity to pound on them (or do what ever).. without warning.
I cannot believe those morons actually think you are a threat.  But then again, you do understand why they took your writings seriously, right Mac?

 They know they are pissing off the veterans, and more and more people are getting angry and sooner or later someone is going blow up and when they do.. oh... run for the hills because someone is going to get hurt badly.

Well, is it a fact that Sara Dunne is a college graduate?  Does that mean she is intelligent or just another highly educated idiot? I'm starting to think its the latter, as her actions are telling us a different story than that which is being put out by the papers or the media.

It doesn't take a lot of smarts to run the kitchens, but the current blondie in there can't seem to do it.
But it does take a lot to run the veterans home. And Sara, you were unqualified to do so when you stepped into the job, and are STILL unqualified to run it.

You cannot run a home when your attitude is negative, because you think the veterans are all there because they are looking for a handout. 

And your administration has completely forgotten why the Dorm unit exists.. TO help veterans, which you are not doing at all! There is no help for those with social problems, or depression, or minor mental health problems.. Nor any help for those who have drinking problems.. you just kick them out of the home. That has been your solution for the last year.

You got rid of Mac, but I am still here, and I won't give up until you are gone.


  1. why havent any of you people gone to channel 13, channel 8 and ask for this problem to be investigated? If all this stuff is going on, why not expose it?there is an old saying, you cant beat City Hall, same thing here, all words and no actions

  2. Cate, we have tried that to no avail. Seems the local media is in the back pocket of the administration.

    However, I can say that we have 2 investigations on going as we speak. Beyond that I have been asked not to say any more.

    For that reason, the media not being interested or showing no concern, is one of the top 3 reasons I asked Mac to start this blog.


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