Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vets home still harrassing legaly parked car owners.

What else do you call this? Securitys job is fire watch, not parking police.
This morning we saw this security jerk nosing around peoples parked cars, putting these harassment notices on cars parked properly in their proper place..  This must end.. Lawyers are being contacted.
Veterans are on vigilance. We will not tolerate our property being stolen from us. 

daily filled lot

Security messing with cars parked properly

Security man doing the dirty deed

With Handicap authorization in a handicap spot

This is the harassment notice on a legally parked car.

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  1. As a fellow veteran, I think your behavior is a disgrace. You have your own weaknesses and flaws and instead of addressing them, you chose to print lies and attack other people. Most of the time your information isn't even correct. You do not represent the members at the Home, you only represent yourself. You need to grow up, plain and simple. Try acting like a Vet some time. See if you can change and at least have respect for yourself. Stop using your blogs for self pity. Most of the members do not even realize you have this blog, so stop painting yourself as a man of the people. Learn how to be a man first and then maybe you can help others.


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