Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another hipocrit speaks out.

As usual, you have no idea what you are talking about. You really should get your facts straight before you print your lies. I contacted the "security jerk", you mentioned that you took photos of. It seems that other people were parked in spots that belonged to the members. He was asked by the members if they could get those vehicles out of there. So once again, you print crap without knowing the facts. Maybe you should step into reality before you starting running your mouth. All you are doing is printing false information without even finding out what is happening. You are a poor excuse for a reporter. Try collecting the facts before you accuse people. All your doing is printing your own thoughts, and as everyone can see, you need help. Good luck with that!!!

OK Mike, challenge accepted.

Look at this photo. 

The BLUE areas, are those areas designated for Member parking.  The incident I wrote about was in the area marked by RED. The little 4 spot lot, that has until recently been filled daily by Dwight Furgusan, (SP?) one of the Dormitory unit Social workers, and volunteers who worked in the clothing room. 
One member was parking his truck there, for a while but he moved out 2 weeks ago (Bixby).

There was one handicap spot - you saw the picture of that car with the handicap tag hanging from their windshield.

In the time I have been at the home, I was always told that lot was for the volunteers who ran the clothing room, and for anyone with a handicap sticker or plate..

But to be sure, I asked around. I asked Randy, Randy (we have 3 of them), Bill, Tony, Steve (Dom unit council president), and several others and they all told me the same thing.. Some said that lot was for the people who ran clothing, others did not know what it was for, but all of them said the only places for members parking were the back small lot and the first row in the big lot (as indicted by the BLUE lines).

Now mike, who has their facts wrong, and who is spewing lies? Mike, you are just someone full of hate, and anger who needs some counseling.. I suggest you try the VA clinic next door.

Oh Mike, that first row of cars you see in this photo? by the blue line? Only 1 is a member car. The rest are employee and staff cars - parked in member parking.  

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