Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another victim of the Thornbury/Murkowski team speaks out.

CJO has left a new comment on your post "Vet Advocate to State AG: Veteran imprisoned at Ve...":

"We also have had a terrible experience with Ms. Thornbury. She was assigned as the trustee of our father's estate in March 2012. During the proceedings she refused to communicate with family members resulting in personal items being sold with the house, she would not let us into the home to grieve our father's death until four months later when she closed on the home. At this time she failed to secure the home and the new owners were already moved in and sleeping there! She failed to ensure the house was locked resulting in several family treasures being stolen and the estate was not reimbursed. When we objected to her final accounting, we took her to court only to have Judge Murkowski side with her. Your statement that your family unit was destroyed rang true for ours as well. Our family will never recover from the financial fallout nor will we ever be a close family again. This all due to Cindy Thornbury's lack of good judgment, poor management of the estate, and failing to communicate with family members. Who is holding these trustees accountable? What a great profession, trustees and guardians. These individuals have carte blanche to do deal with individuals and families in any way he or she feels is fit. There is no one out there holding these individuals accountable. Our court system and Judge Murkowski certainly are not!!"

Sorry to hear about this. There has to be something victims like yourself and Fred and Richard can do to get relief from the wrong doings of those 2 criminals.

I did some research on Michigans' guardian laws, and it seems that people have been trying to get the laws overhauled, and some new checks and balances and accountability sections put into place to prevent the guardians from doing what you have described.

I have seen it first hand what Thornbury does to people. I watched her steal from 2 veteran friends of mine.
I pray Richard Ware gets his justice and is able to obtain his freedom. He feels imprisoned at the home.
Fred, I am sorry to say is in bad shape, and waited too long, and may not make it past another year, due to the devastation the agent orange is doing to his body.

Both are victims of Thornbury and Murkowski.

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