Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Time to Put up or shut up Mike Martin.

This is a comment someone left, that I have posted to the original message.

 Comment by Mike Martin:
"As a fellow veteran, I think your behavior is a disgrace. You have your own weaknesses and flaws and instead of addressing them, you chose to print lies and attack other people. Most of the time your information isn't even correct. You do not represent the members at the Home, you only represent yourself. You need to grow up, plain and simple. Try acting like a Vet some time. See if you can change and at least have respect for yourself. Stop using your blogs for self pity. Most of the members do not even realize you have this blog, so stop painting yourself as a man of the people. Learn how to be a man first and then maybe you can help others."  comment on the post called Vets home still harrassing legaly parked car owners 

Ok Mike.. Tell me what is a lie? Which one? Which article. Submit the correction Mike. No one else has even tried, you can be the first. Come on Mike, help me make this blog 100 percent correct. Oh by the way, we had 989 hits last month. Have you read the comments? Even family members are now reading this blog.
Many are concerned over the abuses going on here. And that's why this thing exists. To expose the abuses.

I personally witnessed that so called security guard writting down the tag numbers of those cars in the small parking lot and putting one of those tow warning printouts on the van's window wipers.. How do you think I got the pictures if I wasn't watching him do it?

A handicap van parked in a handicap spot is LEGAL, and the owner does not need to be threatened with towing. Threatening to have it towed is HARASSMENT no matter how you look at it.

So it seems to me Mike, that you are the one that needs to grow up.   Or, as this post says, Put up or shut up. You make claims you cannot back up. All the claims here, in this blog, are backed up and many with the very pictures needed to back them up.

So be warned: The veterans here are tired of being harassed and are now watching you.

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  1. As usual, you have no idea what you are talking about. You really should get your facts straight before you print your lies. I contacted the "security jerk", you mentioned that you took photos of. It seems that other people were parked in spots that belonged to the members. He was asked by the members if they could get those vehicles out of there. So once again, you print crap without knowing the facts. Maybe you should step into reality before you starting running your mouth. All you are doing is printing false information without even finding out what is happening. You are a poor excuse for a reporter. Try collecting the facts before you accuse people. All your doing is printing your own thoughts, and as everyone can see, you need help. Good luck with that!!!


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