Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Veterans ombudsman - Useless according to vets.

I was informed today, that a member veteran at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans has used the chain of command to address a grievance and has been snubbed by the very person appointed to help him.

Earnie Meyers (SP?), was appointed Ombudsman by James Dunn, the assistant deputy director of veterans' affairs in the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs headquarters office. 

The only time Earnie Meyers shows up at the Vets home is for board meetings. 

The conflict of interest exists with Earnie Meyers as he is also Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Veterans home.  

Apparently this Veteran member had a meeting set up with Earnie and the board.. And Earnie who said he had a win - win solution, never showed up for the meeting. And the member veteran also says the other board members didn't even know why they were having a meeting that day.

Time to shut this place down and for Michigan to hang its head low in shame, as it admits it doesn't care for its veterans anymore.

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