Friday, October 5, 2012

Veterans Home threatening to tow resident Veterans Cars.

I went out back for a smoke this afternoon and talked to a bunch of the guys sitting at a picnic table over by the 6 gas grills.

Seems the home is now threatening to tow member veterans vehicles and one members vehicle has been ordered to be removed from the property.

J's truck has been broke down for 6 years and has sat in the back lot without being messed with. J is fighting for disability, and has no income to get his truck repaired.

G's Car is insured, plated, and he parks it out front in front of the chapel entrance because of his medical condition he cannot carry heavy things, nor regular things very far.

The Veterans home has a parking policy that members are to park in a small back lot, and the first row of the main lot located in back of the complex.  However, the small back lot has government vehicles from the VA Clinic taking up spaces, and the first row of the main lot, has employees parking there most of the time, thus not leaving any room for the members cars.

So far the home is NOT enforcing its parking limits on the Government and employees cars, but IS threatening to have members vehicles towed and this is NOT right.

And how are they supposed to get them back? Most of these members have zero income or limited on disability income. The home takes all of that but 100 dollars a month. Non income people get 5 dollars a week, or 20 bucks a month.  Their cars are usually that last thing they own before they become totally indigent. Many dump all their money into them trying to get them fixed so that when it comes time, they can use them to leave here.

UNDERSTAND THIS: Threatening Member veterans with having their cars towed and impounded, for parking on the lots here, where they live, can only be HARASSMENT of Veterans. 

There is no reason for the home to be playing these games with these veterans' property. SHAME on Sara Dunn and her Administration for allowing this to happen.

Members lot south side with Fed Cars parked in it
Former Dormitory member council president George Merrit told me that they had this problem before, where cars from the VA clinic were parking in the members lot, taking up spaces.. and when the home finally cracked down on it, it only lasted a week.

He also said that they have done this before. And now believes the only reason they are threatening members again is because some formed that non profit organization, called Veterans for Justice.

Members Lot North side, all full.

Members first row, main lot,  filled with employee cars.

Government cars in members lot

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  1. seems to me more family would pay attention to this blog and have a comment. While I believe some of whats said is part of a power play, I do however believe this Author. Whats the big deal of where you park unless the staff wants the closest spot, arent the staff here to be of service to the Veterans? Not be part of the problem? Stuff donated to residents, disapearing, the want and need lists are a little outta wack, I was under the impression that donated things are for the Veterans, not the staff and volenters. I know nothing is perfect but all these complains with no follow up makes me want nothing to do with this Home and yet I have to have a safe place for my Family Member to keep him save, I wish he was able to be in the Rankin building but he needs 24 hr care and isnt able to be independent anymore. I rely on blogs like this to get the facts as this person sees them. Then I can try and figure out just what this person is trying to say. Saddly none of the residents from the skilled units even see this blog, you cant have a lap top on these floors. I do talk to my family member about this blog and get his intake on the matter. Keep up the good work, wish more family was involved in this.


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