Thursday, October 4, 2012

Who are they asking for, themselves or the veteranss?, has a story about a business collecting things for the veterans at the veterans home.

"Grand Rapids business to collect items for Grand Rapids Home for Veterans"

The story goes on to tell about a company that will collect items for the home, and has a page link so that you can go and see a list of what is needed.

The list contains the usual items - but is missing some critical items. Larger sizes for the bigger vets who are overweight and in powered wheel chairs usualy wear sizes 4x and up.. they are not listed.

And 2 items seem out of place on the list. 
"Small electronics (extreme need to replace decade-old models)
  • Digital cameras (Looking for quantity of six Nikon COOLPIX S6300 Black 16 Megapixel Digital Camera – 26301, approximately $170 each)
  • GPS devices (Looking for quantity of three TomTom GO Live 1535M dash-mount GPS units, approximately $200 each)"

One of the members contacted the company and inquired. He sent me his emails, and the company said the GPS units were for the Home's vans.  Strange.. what vans? We have buses, not vans. And they go to the same places every day.  So why do they need GPS units? The new bus has one built in and the driver doesn't even know how to use it.   These items should be part of the transportation budget, not as a donated item.

As for the cameras? Whose pocket are they going to go into? These items should be part of the activities budget.

Oh wait. DUH.. Dummy me.. I forgot. Acting administrator Sara Dunn has cut that stuff out of the budget to save Governor Rick some money from the states budget.. Thats' why they are begging for the items.

Shame on them.

I just hope those items don't end up in some employees car or purse, like the car-hart jackets that were donated for the veterans did.

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