Thursday, August 23, 2012

How could he not know? Update on Richard Ware

Interesting thing happened a few min's ago. I got a call from 2 people. Both told me simular stories, so I wonder how true it really is, as it would seem a bit odd that a doctor would no know what is going on in his patients lives. Then I talked to Richard.

Well, Richard has been looking rather bad lately and 2 days ago he disappeared. Today he was back and told us he was in the hospital with double pneumonia. And when he got back, he was told his doctor was waiting to see him. Dr. Bates.

Richard tells me that Doctor Bates for some reason has decided to help him get rid of CynthiaThornbury, the guardian assigned to Richard by the courts. Dr Bates was unaware that Richards wife Cheryll once held power of attorney for Richard. Richard tells me that he told Dr Bates, that as far as he was concerned, his wife was his guardian.

He also informed me that Dr Bates claims he did not know about Cynthia Thornburys taking of 14thousand dollars out of Richards bank account to pay for a divorce that he did not want. 

There is more to this, and I will find out about it and post it as it becomes available. But something here just doesn't sound quite right.. its like someone is trying to cover their tail... If not, this could be the crack in the egg we have been waiting for, to go after Thornbury's license as well as Karen Fugi's license.

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