Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crime in progress: Selective inforcement of rules, poor administration.

What do you say when a bunch of drunks sit at a picnic table by the Grills, just 15 feet away from where the GRCC band is giving an evening concert on the Kozy Corners outside Pavilion, drinking?

First, there is a rule here: No alcohol on the property.
Second, there is a rule here: No drinking in public.

Yet the same group of Rankin 1 people sat at this picnic table, DURING the evening concert and were seen by many members and staff, openly drinking. The same ones who drank at a corner table in the smoking tent, all winter long.

AND NOTHING WAS DONE about it, then or now, but they did manage to kick out Bill Yates.

This is further proof of the fact that this administration lead by Sara Dunn, is the wrong one. And that Sara Dunn is the wrong person for the job.

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