Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Veterans need to get off their butts and stand up for their rights.

Yeah I know.. most of the guys here are either stupid, have a medical issue, or are here because NAFTA left them without jobs and without a home..

But these guys have to start standing up for their rights here, and stop taking it up the tail. 3100.00 per month for the lame existance in Dom unit?! You gotta be kidding me.. talk about ripping off taxpayers.. and it costs Thousands in some of the nursing units.

If the Government wants to reduce costs here at the home, We can help them with many suggestions.

First, Get rid of the workers union, or make it so that bad union workers can be fired on the spot and not allowed to return.

Second, get rid of the useless high priced staff. Start with the top and work your way down.

It is no secret that the author of this blog thinks the current acting administer Sara Dunne is the wrong person for the job. She is over paid for what she does. Cut the pay to 60k per year.

Get rid of the useless councilors that don't even counsel. Or cut their pay to less than 40k per year. Get rid of the nutritionists that sit in their office and do nothing but take smoke breaks.

Cut the pay of the useless nurses who stand around watching TV in Day rooms, instead of doing their jobs.

Lots of ways to cut the cost of having this place..


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