Saturday, June 23, 2012

Death Awaits this Veteran.

Let me introduce you to Billy Ray, one of the veterans here. He is a Nam vet, in a powered wheel chair.

Billy claims he is just 5 minutes away from death.  He has a medical problem,  and both the home and the VA refuse to do anything about it.

Apparently there are 2 issues. One involves a catheter that was put in by the VA hospital and that was damaged when they transported him here to the vets home. That damage was never repaired.

The other issue is the deadly one. Apparently some time ago he got stabbed in the stomach. Now he has what appears to be a herniated area, with a big softball sized bulge comming out of the front of his tummy. He believes the buldge contains a sac that has poison in it, and if it ever bursts he will not live long.

They currently have him taking oral anti-biotics, and what he needs is surgery. But no one will touch him. So he deals with the fact that he might be dead in 5 minutes. Is this a way for a veteran to live? Shame on the Administration, shame on the VA.

3 photos taken with a phone camera, his face is intentionally painted out to preserve his privacy.

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  1. This is a darn shame, can't you contact the local news media?


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