Monday, June 25, 2012

Crime in Progress: Check fraud.

Greg M. just complained to me about his Social Security disablity. He said that he had to appeal his first denial, and he won his appeal. And that he told them to please send his stuff to his home address.

The SS Department send it to the Veterans home address. Last week Greg got a letter asking him to go to the Social security online website and set up his account there.. he did, and he opted for direct deposit to a bank outside the home. The home has a "member bank", which is very limited in its time it is open and available to veterans, and the services it offers.

Last Friday He called SS and asked them about it. They said he was supposed to get 3 letters and a check. He got 2 letters.

Today he found out he got the 3rd one, and that the check had arrived on the 21st.  Apparently the home already cashed it.

That means Greg never saw it, nor signed it. That means someone else did and that is FRAUD and a FELONY. Greg cannot verify if he has any money in his member account until tomorrow morning.

The homes policy of rubber stamping checks needs to be looked into by a criminal prosecutor.
They have no right to do as they are.

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