Monday, June 18, 2012

Wasting taxpayer money with Ipads for the Board of rejects, er Managers.

Starting at 499 a piece, they range in size from 16, 32, 64gig memory sizes, and with our without built in Wi-fi and cellular via AT&T or Verizon, these things can cost as much as 825 per unit.

Why am I writting about this? Because as I strolled down the hallway by member services office, I looked at bulletin board and noticed the minutes of the latest board meeting.

Apparently it is true, that Sara Dunne has illegally been declared to be permanent administrator of this facility, even though she did so criminally for over 18 months as a non licensed administrator.

And I found a section where some one suggested that to reduce paperwork, the board of managers get Ipads. Well the managers already have cell phones, why can't they keep in touch that way?

And how are they going to access a non existent wi-fi network in the facility when only one unit is wired for wi-fi and that is the Dom unit.

And why SHOULD  Taxpayers have to pay for their toys? Don't they steal enough from veterans as it is?
Heck we get controlled internet, they get open? Why? Whats the difference?

And why should tax payers pay for these when the board of managers is quoted on television claiming that they did not know the 4th floor was shut down or going to be shut down.. So why buy something for people who aren't even doing their jobs? If they were doing them, they would have known about the shutdown of the 4th floor.

Yeah, right.. just more smoke being blown up our tails.. 

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