Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome to the Dom (dormitory) unit on Rankin 3.

Thanks to Mac for providing the graphics for this article.   This is the 3rd floor of the Rankin building, showing the number of people in a room, the Shower room, Nurses station, doc station and 2 day rooms.

The below graphic shows the shower room for the guys. There is a tub, a stand up area for wheel chairs, and 2 stand up showers with less room than a porta potty in them.  NO ventilation is in the room, so the excess moisture never leaves, thus there is a lot of mold and other stuff growing on the shower curtains.  Not a good situation for a so called hospital.

So, this is a typical 4 man room (Item 1). It shows the 4 curtained off areas, giving each man about 7 x 8 feet of space, for a total of 56 square feet for their bed, dresser, and small table. That is the only privacy they get. If their neighbor is snoring, being to loud, leaves a tv on all night, etc, you will hear it. So it really isn't a good place if you need peace and quiet.   IF they want to make these rooms into 2 man rooms, just remove 2 of the beds, and give the extra 56 sq feet of living space to the other 2 people. This  will give them room for a small desk, or easy chair or something. And will make the room a bit more homier. 

Save money, just get rid of the 1st and 3rd beds and give that extra 56 sq feet to the veterans to live in.

Pretty self explanatory.

And Each of us pays 3,100.00 for that 7x8 area.. Talk about ripping off veterans and taxpayers.

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