Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stinky update: Still wearing same stuff since Easter.

June 2012
Update: Today one of the nurses told us that they can do NOTHING for this man. They cannot put him in Court Yard because he cannot be committed without his permission or be ruled to be incompetent. He is not incompetent, he just will not shower or change clothing.

Today it was over 90 degrees with heat indexes in or near 100. Yet this guy was walking around outside with this same heavy shirt and Jeans on.

There must be SOMETHING that can be done. His lack of personal hygene alone which is a threat to recovering members, should be one cause for having him either locked up in courtyard where they have their own room and a personal nurse, or the reason to have something done about his unwillingness to take a shower and/or change his clothing. The guy REEKS.

Stinky, aka Herman from Rankin 2. Same clothing on for MONTHS, without taking showers..

The guy gets on an elevator and you damn near barf he reeks so badly.
Some people refuse to let him get on an elevator with them, others get off when he tries to get on.

The man is like"typhoid mary", a carrier that does not get the illness.

He needs HELP and the staff is not giving him any. His presence is also a health hazard and threat to other veterans; Especially those coming back from surgical operations and who are recovering.

When told he needs to change his clothing and take a shower, he claims he does, but we have several months worth of photos that show he does not.

He wore his last clothing until it was rotting off his body. He is off to a good start with this set as well.

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