Monday, June 18, 2012

Crime in Progress, GRH4V handeling of veterans mail.

Enough is enough. The way this place handles mail is a crime.

I urge all veterans to put their names on the DO NOT OPEN list until such time as this place puts into effect established and posted rules and procedures for mail handlers.

Such procedures should include the following:

1. anything opened by a mail handler must have that person's initials and date it was opened on the envelope.
2. anything they keep for what ever reason, to be photo copied  - including the envelope, and the copies sent to the veteran so that he/she knows what was opened and kept and why.
3. Violations of the DO NOT OPEN list, should be reported and prosecuted.
4. I urge all veterans to use mail system out side this place, like the address of a loved one, etc.

Stop having people send mail here until they establish proper guidelines and rules for the mail handlers.


  1. Install apartment type gang mailboxes in the lobby, and have the Postal Service handle the mail, and put it directly into the residents boxes. There is no reason mail should be opened or pilfered.

  2. Veterans sign paperwork allowing the staff to open mail, so that the staff can take care of the billing paperwork. I can agree with that, however, they are opening more than just billing related paperwork, and are not giving veterans copies of what they are taking out of the veterans mail. This needs to change.

  3. Isn't it illegal for the staff to open the mail without written permission from the Vet?

  4. Yes it is. And yet they still do it, even after a Veteran has put their name on the "Do not open" list. We have complained to the postmaster general with no results.

  5. Since this is a Federal Offence I would contact the USPS IG's office. Do you all have a dedicated mailroom where this takes place? If so, maybe place some signs up informing the staff that they are committing a felony and the Fed's have been contacted.

  6. Here's a link to the USPS Postal Inspectors Site to file complaints for mail theft, etc.


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