Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One Bad apple should not spoil the whole bunch - but it does here.

Yes, just one idiot can ruin things for everyone else, with this administration. I have now seen 2 such incidents here at GRH4V while it has been under the Sara Dunne Administration.

The first of course, is the Coffee incident that has lead to asinine conditions concerning coffee pots, and availability to Veterans. All because of one person.

Unfortunately, a second incident involving 1 person has happened, that will have an effect on many.

It is bad enough that the people of the USA and Michigan have been paying the Universal Service Fee on their phone bills for over 2 decades now, and that the money taken from those fees was supposed to provide for internet access to schools and hospitals. Yet this veterans home still has the worst internet I have ever seen for a public institution.

It is bad enough that we have the equivalent of  single line DSL being shared by about 200 people, but add to that the fact that most of the staff are computer illiterates and many don't care if veterans have access to the internet, makes things worse.

The only way for veterans to access the internet is to either go down to the ITP room and use one of the computers there, that have a 1/2 hour time limit on them, or go to the Dom Unit, and use one of the 2 available there, or use their own wireless compatible laptops or systems while in the Dom unit area.

Every unit except the Dom unit does not have internet. Only the Dom Unit has a wireless network so that veterans can access the internet on laptops or desktops with wireless capabilities.

And until recently there were 2 desktop computers available for all members, at the East end of the hall on Rankin 2. And here is where one bad apple spoiled it for everyone.

Some idiot, decided to try to steal the computers. These computers had security straps on them, so that they could not be taken. Reports are that this individual got tired of this lame administration not doing the necessary upkeep on the computers and that he would do it, or take them to someone who would, and then return them. So he got a pair of wire cutters and cut the security straps off of one of them.

Those 2 computers have been removed. Now there is no "public" access  on the Dom unit for Veterans who do not have computers of their own. In other words, many are paying the price for the actions of one idiot.

So far nothing has happened to this individual, whom many think should be expelled immediately. Time will tell what if anything happens.

Update: Nothing has happened to the individual who is responsible for Dom loosing those 2 computers. His first name is Richard,  and he has been seen using the computers down in the ITP room. This is angering many people from Dom unit who were using those computers on the 2nd floor to do their school work (college). Many feel he should either be kicked out of the home for stealing, or at least be banned from all computers.  Mean while, the 2 that were on the 2nd floor, will not be put back by the staff.

THIS IS Why, I say this administration is NOT the right one for the home, nor for Veterans.

Used computers needed.
If you have a used or older computer that has a wireless card, and you want to get rid of it, please consider donating it to the veterans of the Dom unit. Take your computer to Rankin 3 day room and talk to the activities person, Dianna, and she will have either Randy L. or Greg M. (our 2 computer experts) take a look at them and get them to one of the veterans.

These computers should be able to run Windows XP as a minimum, and be in good working condition.

On Behalf of the Veterans, Thanks.

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