Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: This is a supper?!

The veterans at the Grand Rapids Home for veterans want you to know what they are eating for supper, the last meal of the day. So I am going to be taking pictures of meals and posting them here for your enjoyment.

Above, was Supper (the last meal of the day) on April 7th. The big bowl is for salad. We also had the option of 3/4ths cup of chicken soup, in a small blue plastic bowl. Salad bar was 1/2 spinach leaves, which is ok if you like spinach. We also had bananas, apples and oranges (common to every meal every day of the week), and Milk (2 percent, or skim), apple juice, orange juice, fruit punch, tea or coffee.

The Strawberry short cake desert was a rare treat, and they used biscuits not real cake.
Now the dining hall opens at 4:30 pm until 5.30 pm, and the next meal is served starting at 6:30am, until 8am. That is 14 hours away.

These skimpy suppers are the norm for this place. Soup and a salad, or Sandwich and a salad, are the norm.

In one case, the 2 choices for supper are Chicken salad or a piece of low sodium cheese on a piece of bread. I will try to get a picture of it next time they do it. And that is supposed to hold you over for 14 hours. Look at the menu pix, and see for yourself.

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