Friday, April 20, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: Crime in Progress Update Part 24

In Crime in Progress Part 24, I introduced you Richard W, who is battling a criminal Guardian and a corrupt Judge of Michigan's probate court system.

We have an update.

First, some concerned people have obtained help for Richard and have a legal team working on his behalf. One of that legal team contacted Cynthia (spelling may be wrong) who is Richards court appointed guardian. Richard told us that this legal person contacted her, and she refused to talk to him about Richard. This was 2 weeks ago. Then a week ago, Richard reported the same person contacted Cynthia again, and Cynthia told him that she had talked to Richard that Friday - Richard claims she never spoke a word to him on that day.

There is an outstanding NO CONTACT order between Richard and his Wife, and, Richard and his son. Richard is now reporting that the Guardian has called Richard on the phone, and told him he is allowed to go to his son's college graduation.

Richard will not be going, as he thinks it is a setup, to get him and/or his wife arrested for violating the no contact order.

Richard hopes the new legal team will go after both the guardian and the crooked judge David M. Murkowski, Chief Probate Judge, and hopes both end up in jail.

Richard has been damaged by the actions of both, and it is well documented.

Richards wife has power of attorney, which was given before he came to the Veterans home.
The judge reportedly, (in other words Richard claims that ) nullified all previous issuance's of power of attorney and instead gave it via court order, to the court appointed guardian.

Recently the guardian stopped Richards Federal Veterans Administration Payments from going to his wife, who was using them to continue to pay the mortgage on their home. This has placed the home in jeopardy of being foreclosed on.

The Federal VA representatives are watching this case as things develop, and may be taking this case to federal court because the state court appointed guardian is misusing federal monies meant to benefit Richard.

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