Monday, April 30, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans Crime in progress: Update 2 on part 24.

Letter from the wife of Richard W. Proof of the crime in progress.

The letter reads as follows:

"I am hoping you will investigate this and perhaps do an interview.

My husband, Richard Ware is an inmate, I am sorry, resident, of the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. On Saturday April 28th 2012 my husband had to do some drastic things to attend the college commencement of our son, Richard P. Ware  Jr. Ricky graduated from Grace Bible College this past Saturday and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Youth Ministry.

My Husband has a court appointed Guardian by the name of Cynthia Thornbury. Despite many attempts to have her removed as such, Judge David Murkowski of the Kent country probate court insists that Cynthia remain my husband's guardian and conservator. As his wife, it has cost me thousands of dollars to fight this and I have always lost.

A portion of the judges order is as follows:

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Cheryel Ware is hereby restrained and ordered not to have any direct or indirect contact with Richard P.Ware by any means. This includes but is not limited to phone contact, mail, any electronic device, or in person until further order of this court.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Richard P.Ware's children may have contact with their father ONLY upon the expressed written consent of the guardian Cynthia Thornbury.

The reason for the above action, I believe is because I helped my husband prepare an affidavit which stated that he wanted to be rid of his guardian/conservator in April 2011. Yes, this was a year ago. It  has been a year since I have been allowed to be with my husband. Cynthia Thorn Bury asked the judge to put this no contact order in effect because she was upset that my husband signed this Affidavit, which if the judge would have followed, would have removed Cynthia Thornbury from her current position. During this time, Cynthia Thorn bury was attempting to secure a divorce for my husband, a petition which failed in November of 2011.

May I note that Richard didn't want the divorce, and stated so in his Affidavit which was thrown out in court. It is also necessary to inform you that Cynthia Thornbury spend over $14,000.00 dollars of my husbands social security to secure this divorce. She also sold his car to help pay expenses.
For your information, Judge Murkowski approved of her spending this kind of money as well.

With the help of other Veterans at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, Richard was able to secure a cab to take him to the Frontline Bible Church in Byron Center Saturday Morning. Cynthia refuse after numerous request to put in writing that he could attend this. Furthermore, she refused to pot in writing that our son could have contact with his father. 

To Further humiliate my husband as he cannot have any contact with me, my husband was forced to sit by himself on the other side of the church, away from his loved ones. Fortunately, the minister of our church sat with his family in front of him.

My Husband is very unhappy. He feels that he is an inmate of the Home. His civil rights have been vioolated to a great extreme but yet, nothing gets done. Nobody will listen to what my husbands wishes and desires are. I am hoping that you will find it in your hear to talk with my husband, see for yourself what his wishes and desires are, and let the public know what kind of judge David Murkowski is as well as what kind of Guardian/Conservator Cynthia Thornbury is.

If you are so inclined, you may want to talk with other veterans at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, and you will find that there are many issues with these vets and many of them are centered around this same Guardian and the same Judge.

I have no doubt you are appled by what I have told you. Any decent minded person is. You don't have to confirm any of this with me. Talk to my husband. He is a veteran who is hurt, lonely, and very desperate. He has nobody that will listen to him. Please take the time to go and talk with him and get his story out.

Cheryel Ware.
(phone numbers are withheld by blog editor).

Blog Editors note:  The court is interfering with a marriage contract. I feel a title 42 lawsuit is in order, and censure of the judge is also in order. Perhaps many people filing complaints about him to the Michigan Bar Association is also necessary.  And can be started by reading the information on this page:  And Richard is not the only one having a problem with this judge and a conservator, Fred Plicta, also mentioned in this blog is still having problems with his.

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