Friday, November 1, 2013

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: Wife of Veteran Demands Husband Be Returned Before Home Kills Him.

Guest contributor Mrs. Ware, wife of Veteran Richard Ware, imprisoned at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, the Michigan Veterans home writes:

Cheryel Ware  
In reading this article,  "This kind of Abuse must STOP at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans"
it would seem you are talking about my husband, Richard W. I know there are several articles in this Blog about him so I hope you all remember who he is.

Richard was admitted to Spectrum Friday morning. This is the second time in less than a week that he has been in the hospital. The first time was for dehydration. He was hydrated and then released back to the Home where it was the hope of all that the home would follow up and make sure he got better. THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. He is still dehydrated and because of all the unnecessary drugs he is on, he no longer has the strength to cough. He now has pneumonia.

The last couple of nights has been very rough for Richard. He has woken up confused and disoriented. He isn't sure where he is. You also need to know that he is forced to take high doses of Depakote and Klonopin. To make sure these drugs and their effect are prevalent in his system, they give him Valium in between the doses. FYI. He is on these drugs because he is angry and voices his displeasure at all that is happening. The staff at the home want him to feel happy about all that is happening to him. So does his Court appointed Guardian. They don't understand why he could possibly be angry about him being forced to stay there.

Why should he be angry that they spent over $15,000 of his money on an attorney to force him into a divorce he didn't want. Why should he be angry that his car was sold out from underneath him because his guardian needed more money. Why should he be angry that he was forced into a situation where he could not talk or visit with me for 14 MONTHS. Richard has said to me so many times how unhappy he is where he is at and how he wants to come home.

I want him home too but NOOOOO, he can't. He is forced to take these drugs or he will lose his electric scooter. He tells me he wants to talk with me and then can't remember what he wants to talk about. This isn't the dementia that they are saying he has. All of this is the forced drugs he is taking.

I am angry and it is now time I start to take firm steps to end the hell that my husband is living. I told our sons today that they are killing their father. This will happen after they are done torturing him.


Well Folks, there you have it. 

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