Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Guest Editorial

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I have given a great deal of thought to all that is going on at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans and have come up with some interesting conclusions.  These are my opinions and when I have shared them with others, they say it makes a lot of sense.  I would be curious what the reader thinks of my opinions.

Sara Dunne.  A member of Jim Dunne's staff informed me several months ago that the qualifications for the job "Administrator" was recently altered and amended.  By doing this, it gave Sara the qualifications to be Administrator.  A member of our State Legislature informed several people that over 80 people had applied for this position.  All of them were more qualified than Sara.  So why hire Sara.  My theory, my opinion, is that they were looking for a "patsy".  The powers to be wanted somebody running the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans to be weak, uneducated and naive.  They didn't want anybody in that position that could upset the apple cart.  They wanted somebody that would follow orders with no question.  They did not want an intelligent person.  They didn't want somebody that was motivated.  They didn't want somebody who was a veteran and would know what a veteran needed.  They wanted somebody who would look good in a short skirt, be able to stroke the arms and shoulders of the veterans, and be somewhat pleasing to the eye.  They got Sara.  I have a question for Sara.  Think carefully on this.  Who will be the first one under the wheels of the bus when things go wrong and start falling apart?  Be assured Madam Administrator.  It will not be anybody from Lansing or who sits on the Board of Managers.  It will be you.

As much as we all hate to have this realization, the veterans at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans are being abused and neglected.  They are being robbed of their dignity and pride at all costs.  There is no dollar sign in front of compassion and respect.  These are things that come free and our veterans should receive that.  Unfortunately, they don't.  News reporters and television stations can't report on this.  I don't get it.  Why not?  Why can't the lack of over all general well being of the veterans be taken seriously?  I am so sick of reading and hearing about privatization being the problem.  Wake up out there!  The home lost some good union care givers too.  The group from J2S isn't perfect either.  This will be a battle for years to come with no easy resolution.  Bottom line is this.  You abuse and neglect a veteran.  You treat him wrong.  YOU ARE FIRED.  Does it matter if you are union or J2S?

I have heard from many people that Sara was instructed to block all press people from the veterans.  I say instructed as I am taking the approach that Sara would need to be given an umbrella when going out in the rain as she doesn't appear to know on her own when she needs one.  Why would Sara be afraid to allow the veterans to talk to the press?  Might it be that a veteran would tell the truth about the poor care they are receiving?  Why would she or the fools in Lansing not want the truth to come out?  They all say that the veterans are receiving excellent care.  I have to wonder.  Who has the most to hide ... Sara or Lansing?

I have been involved in lengthy conversations with many people about the administration at the home.  At one time, I thought Sara had to be the first to go.  I don't anymore.  She is just an easy pawn in the whole scheme.  She doesn't know it yet and I hope she reads this and starts to think.  Earlier this year, I am told she had an interview with a reporter from a local television station here in Grand Rapids.  At that time, Sara told the reporter that she wasn't aware of any problems.  That she needed substantiation in black and white.  Proof.  How many veterans have died this year Sara?  How many veterans have been hospitalized for one thing or another?  How many veterans are needlessly drugged so your staff of privatized health care workers don't have to earn their pay?  How many of your registered nurses threaten the veterans on a daily basis?  The list is endless but apparently nobody wants to look at the proof.  Sara, I assume you are smart enough to read.  The proof is right in front of you.  Allow people to talk with the veterans and let the truth come out.  Find a backbone Sara, do your job, and defend the veterans as they have so valiantly fought to defend you.

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