Monday, November 11, 2013

1 Million dollar Waste of Money at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

What can one say, when they look at the monstrosity the veterans home administration is calling their latest success?  If anything it is a monument to the utter lack of proper leadership at the Michigan veterans home located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This is supposed to keep the weather off of the veterans when they load buses. But it won't. Not only that, the icicle threat just got 500 times worse than the last overhang that they had up.
And it doesn't stop the wind from coming in over the bus, around the bus.. blowing snow and rain.

Wasn't the purpose of spending all this money, was to find a way to protect the veterans from the weather when they were being loaded on to buses?

Well, so much for that goal.. Just another waste of a million dollars. And the other half million that was embezzled from other donations and other funds, over the objections of those who donated the funds, to help pay for this thing..

You know something. This thing kind of reminds me of that silly statue of the butterfly's out front.. Looks good, but other wise is functionally useless.

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