Monday, November 11, 2013

Grand Rapids Prison, er Home for Veterans; Shuts down yet another activity for veterans

Kozy Corners, aka the LOUNGE, the Canteen, where Resident veterans, and their guests come to sit in a nice big room with tables, couches, a pool table, Juke box, Full kitchen for making things, and Coffee and snacks which are donated.

Kozy corners, that little place made for veterans to have a place to go to in winter time when they cannot get out side. And now the Veterans Home administration has taken away this too, from the veterans. They are slowly completing their transformation from a Home for Veterans, to a PRISON for veterans.

Kozy Corners is staffed by VOLUNTEERS, and all coffee, snacks and other items that a resident can get, are all DONATED items.

Yet for some asinine reason unfathomably by this author, the administration of the Grand Rapids Prison for Veterans, er.. my mistake, the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, has decided there is not enough "evening traffic" to justify keeping the place staffed with VOLUNTEERS, after 6pm.

Volunteers who donate their time, and who donate supplies, can no longer do so after the set time.
Now this is kinda stupid actually. As we approach winter, more and more people will be heading down there for Warm Coffee, or Hot Chocolate..

The Winter smoking tent is just outside Kozy Corners, and in the winter time guys come in and get coffee all night long.. But wait, they now lock the automatic doors after 9pm or so, so that they guys can't go out to have a smoke in the middle of the night.

The fact is there is no reason to shut down the volunteers who sit in Kozy until its official closing time of 9pm

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