Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, Board of managers Meeting Minutes lacking information.

Wow. Talk about a snow job. Good work Meyers.  Really good. So much is lacking from the minutes of the Michigan Veterans Homes, Board of managers meetings that a whole book could be written about what is missing.

  • The minuets did not indicate if the Representatives that visited the home were told to leave, like Winnie Brinks was. 
  • The VA team wouldn't find any problems, as they were not looking for anything.  Not surprising they found nothing.
  • I see Jim Dunn is still in denial, but that will be address another day. That moron couldn't find his back side if his hands were tied behind him.  Unsubstantiated allegations. yeah, we have so much evidence you can't even see it because your eyes are wide shut!  
  • What about the SUBSTANTIATED allegations? What has been done about them?
  • Ahha!  You got Greg's last name spelled wrong. For crying out loud, can't you people do anything right? If you are going to slander and destroy a man, deny him a fair hearing, you could at least spell his name properly.
  • And I notice your minutes do not show that you lied to Greg M., Chairman Meyers. It doesn't mention anything about the 2 volunteers who testified on his behalf, nor the fact that he has been off property since Meyers and He agreed on the day of the September meeting.  Nor anything like that. Nor that he met the boards requirements for his appeal.. yet still you deny him.
  • What do board members need with I-pads? Most can't operate a microwave oven, let alone something that complicated..  That's what they think of the veterans!
I am amazed at how much is lacking from the minutes. Then again, the whole group of you is so out of touch as to whats happening with the veterans, this should not be surprising.

Down load the October Minutes here October Minutes in PDF format

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