Monday, November 11, 2013

OOPS, maybe we need to start over, Grand Rapids Home for Veterans wastes 1 Million

It was supposed to be a combination Renovation of the front entrance, and putting in a new awning that would protect the veterans from the elements as they were loaded on to buses, when they took field trips, or had to take an ambulance or transport ride to and from doctors appointments, and things of that nature.

But the awning turned out to be a joke. Now it is comming to our attention that the front door system is also another waste of money.

The old system consisted of one door, about 50 inches wide, so that a person in a power chair could easily navagate the door system. And those in wheel chairs, could also get thru without having to rack their knuckles on the door jams as they went thru the door.

Both sets of doors, (old and new) were and are automatic doors. But the new set is hardly wider than a standard wheelchair.

 The new doors have 2 doors, one for coming in, one for going out. But they are NARROW. Apparently someone forgot that big guys, in big wheel chairs need more than 36 inches to get thru a door system safely.

Already veterans are complaining about scraping their hands in the door system.

Just another example of the waste of money, due to poor management, and poor planning. They are going to have to rip out this "new construction" and put in a newer, bigger, wider door system.

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