Friday, November 8, 2013

Chairman Ernie attends photo op at Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

I am Surprised that Ernest Meyers even knew that the new canopy which cost nearly a million dollars was finished!.. According to an interview with news 8 a few months ago, he didn't even know the administration of the home was closing down the 4th floor of the very building hes standing in front of, in this news 8 photo.  Oh and lets not even MENTION, the thousands of dollars embezzled from other projects, money that was donated for those projects, then reportedly by your own administration, rerouted to pay for this new awning. 

Yes this is Ernest Meyers, Chairman of the Board of Miss-managers.  The so called Ombudsman for the veterans at the home and at the same time, Chairman of the board. Kind of a conflict of interest, wouldn't you say?

This is the same guy who went on a 10 minute rant at Greg M's 2nd appeal hearing, about how HE, Ernest Meyers ran the home.. Funny, hes rarly there, except for an occasional board meeting and a few photo ops like this one..

Sara Dunne, shown here on the left, is listed As Top Administrator, not Ernest Meyers.

Ok Ernie.. what is next? Will we see your silly mug again when they re-open the bowling alley?

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