Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Over Drugging of Veterans MUST END at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

Guest Editorial, by Out for Answers

On August 26, 2013, Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency Director Jeff Barnes announced that the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans has earned full certification from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA) for meeting VA standards of care for state veterans’ homes. The VA was able to grant full certification to the Home after the MVAA finalized its contract with an outside agency to provide comprehensive on-site mental health services at the Home.

Sara Dunne went so far as to say that this outside agency would be a great addition to the team and will enhance our ability to provide high-quality care to our residents.  She also stated that the GRHV can IMMEDIATELY begin offering comprehensive on-site mental health services to our residents, bringing us into full compliance with VA standards of care.

This provisional certification by the USDVA was contingent on the Home securing needed psychiatric care for its residents.  The Director of the Battle Creek VA Medical Center, Dr. Mary Beth Skupien, called this a major accomplishment to be able to provide psychiatric services so expeditiously.  Dr. Skupien indicated that this was just another example where all parties involved are focused on providing the highest quality services needed to our nation’s heroes.

All of the above is fine and dandy, BUT, where is the psychiatrist?  He isn't on board at the Home.  The veterans there are still being forced to take drugs to modify their behavior.  Many of the veterans are unable to coherently put two words together.  Some are too tired to get out of bed.  All that I have talked with that are drugged say to me, "Can you please get me the hell out of here?"  Many with tears in their eyes.  If the veterans weren't mentally ill before being drugged, they are becoming that way now.  Is this the achieved goal?

What does this lead us to believe?  In my opinion, it is simple.  Over drug the patients means less work for the care givers.  Over drug the patients means that they can forever, keep them there too.  Families will eventually get exhausted in dealing with somebody who has turned into a zombie.  Little children won't want to go and see grandpa because grandpa doesn't make any sense.  I have heard one child say that grandpa talks funny.  Isn't it amazing what these drugs are doing to our precious veterans.

The home likes to give mental competency tests to the veterans.  How many of the veterans can pass these tests when they are drugged to the extent that they are?  When they fail these tests, they are then made wards of the court and are given court appointed guardians and conservators.  WOW!  What a great way to steal not only their dignity, but every penny they own too.

By the looks of it, the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans along with the Michigan Department of Veterans Affairs has many people fooled.  They have the United States Department of Veterans Affairs believing that all is well.  Even the Director of the Battle Creek VA Medical Center is fooled.  I'm not fooled.  The Veterans aren't fooled either.  They are dying inside every time they are unable to adequately voice their opinion and concerns.  When a veteran begs of you, with tears in their eyes, to help and you can't, a part of you dies too.  Now that you know about it, is a part of you dying too?

Will this horror story ever end?  This over drugging needs to stop.  NOW


Ed note: Got this one today from a first time contact. It is as they sent it, minus their real names. They chose the pen name, and I chose the headline.

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