Monday, November 4, 2013

Disabled Veteran needs funding Help.

Hi everyone. Today we were left a special comment, a special request. I am glad to post it here.

From Disabled Veteran:

Hello. Can you help me? Can you tell me of any organization outside the VA, that will help a veteran who needs it, obtain funding to buy a special bed?  Or an organization that can tell me how to obtain one?

I am a veteran who became disabled after he left service. I can no longer sleep on a flat bed, and need one that is adjustable at both ends like a hospital bed. But I slept (if you can call it that) on one for a year, and with only a 4 inch mattress, I didn't get much quality sleep.

I tried going thru the VA, to get SS Disability to pay for it, but all they would do is get me a hospital bed, and that won't solve my sleep problems.  Even my doctors and SS Divisibility doctors say I need an adjustable bed. But getting funding for what I want will require an outside source.
I did manage to go to a friends house who had an adjustable bed, and used that for a few days and they were the best nights sleep  I had in years. I actually slept 6 straight hours! It was wonderful.

2 companies make these beds. Tempur Pedic, and Craftmatic. Tempur Pedic is more expensive and is not 100 percent guaranteed. I have chosen Craftmatic as they are a USA made product, have a better guarantee, and are priced lower that the other one. But the price range is out of my reach, as I am living on social security disability.

I currently sleep in a lazyboy chair, and only get about 2 to 3 hours of sleep at a time. My legs need to be elevated at night due to edema, and my chest and head elevated about 10 degrees as well.

Craftmatic has a full size bed, the size I need, that can handle my large body, for about 2700 on sale. I have 30 days to get it at that price, other wise I will need to raise about 4000. to get one.

Please, if you can help me, my contact info is.. (withheld for privacy reasons).

Thank You!

ED Note. OK folks.. If you know of any one or any group who can help this guy please drop us a comment with contact info. I will pass it on to him. (comments are held private until they are screened by us to prevent spam from being posted to the blog.

I contacted this guy and he lives on a very fixed income, and says he will need this bed for the rest of his life.  More info upon request..

Again, if you can help, or know someone or a group who can, please let us know.. Thank you.

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