Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans sends another one to the streets to Die instead of helping him.

member X at the veterans home sends us this information:

Herman J, was discharged this last Tuesday for good. Word is, last Friday, they offered to send him to Battle Creek to deal with his "issues", to which, he declined. They then offered to give him a spot in the Courtyard and try and help him with his issues there. Again, to no avail, he declined their offer of help yet AGAIN. SO, after refusing the only 2 options of help they could provide, they had no choice but to discharge him. They even gave him until this Tuesday to pack his belongings, and arrange a place to go. When, on Tuesday, they went to discharge him, he refused to leave, and it took Security and a No Trespass Order to get him to leave the property. So ends the story of "Stinky" But... This time, they did do their job and offered him 2 separate choices to help him mentally with his "issues" and HE chose to deny that assistance and leave.

Ed note:
No, they did not do their job. The home should have given this guy some Psychiatrist help, and he got NONE.  Yet this same hospital is issuing Dangerous, and controlled Physiatric drugs to many veterans at the home. All without proper supervision from a licensed trained professional.

Sorry X.. but Hermon here is another example of a FAILED MICHIGAN Veterans Administration that doesn't give a rats ass about any of the veterans at the home. He was a hoarder, and did not change his clothing, nor did he take showers. That is a good sign of mental illness, and the home did NOTHING for him.

And Ernie and his board of Miss-managers don't even have a clue as to whats going on.

They kicked this guy out right after the first pre-winter storm hit the area..  May the administration rot in hell for what they are doing. Too many have died on the street after being discharged from the home when the home would not give them the help they needed.

UPDATE: This emailed to me, posting as is..

I just read the article about Herman. I am shocked.  I am also worried.  Here we have a man who is clearly mentally ill.  I have heard a little about him over the past several years and I don't understand why his choices were ignored by the staff at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

Three years ago, the Home got the Kent County Court involved and assigned my husband a guardian.  It is clear to me now that this was done because my husband has money behind his name.  The home got a doctor to state that he needed a "structured" facility and that living at home with his family wasn't what was best for him.  A judge gave my husband the label of "legally incapacitated".  Now, he has a guardian from hell who takes part in abusing and neglecting my husband.

I could go on and on about this but this isn't what this comment is about.  This is about a mentally ill man who was forced to the curb by security at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.  Apparently, the reason why was because he didn't comply with the Home's wishes.  Where is Herman tonight?  Is he warm?  Has he ate?  Is he surrounded by people who have his best interest at heart?  OR  Is he walking the streets of Grand Rapids cold and hungry.  It is clear that nobody at the Home cares but you know what?  I care and it is my prayer that God is with Herman tonight.

Herman wasn't capable of making good choices.  Why wasn't he given a guardian or is the guardianship program only for those who have money for the guardians to take and spend as they choose?  Herman needs to be found and clearly, he needs help.  Who out there can help this poor veteran?


Member x comments:
I may be wrong. MY understanding, was that the Homes offers of Battle Creek and The Courtyard were to afford him the mental health needs that he requires. Again, I may be wrong. That was just MY take on Grand Rapids Home for Veterans sends another one to the streets to Die instead of helping him.  


Ed reply: If the home wanted to offer him mental health help, why couldn't they have done that while he was on Dom Unit in Rankin 2? Why would he have to go to court yard for that?  I can see them offering him to go to BC for a while, but not the Court Yard.  If that is the choice, I can see why he forced them to kick him out; because they really did not offer him ANY choice.

And one more thing. Due to the fact that he was DISCHARGED against his will, does that mean he too, like so many others, cannot return and visit friends? Is he barred for life from coming on the property? will he be arrested if he goes on property to visit friends during regular visiting hours?

That is another way the veteran home dishonors those they are supposed to be helping.

THIS IS A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE, and the home refuses to help veterans with them.

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