Friday, November 29, 2013

Only 25 percent of Dorm Unit vets say they would recomend the home to another veteran.

From the June 27th, 2013 Michigan Veterans Home Board of Managers meeting Minutes:

"Dom Satisfaction Survey - Gary Davis, social Services Director gave an oral report on the 2013 Domiciliary Care satisfaction survey.  Of the 62 members in DOM only eighteen (18 ) (29.0%)  returned the survey.

"This survey attempted to get a snapshot of the satisfaction level by members of their general experiences while being a resident of the home. From these surveys the majority of the responses indicated that members were " very or somewhat" satisfied.

"There were fifteen (15) (24%) that indicated that they would recommend the home to others, while only 2 members wrote they would not. Board thanked Mr Davis for his hard work to solicit the comments of the members."

Ok.. lets look at this closer.
18 out of 62 even took time to fill out the survey. That is only 1 in 3 people.
15 out of the 18 who did, said they would recommend the home.
2 out of the 18 said they would not.
1 out of the 18 apparently did not answer the question.

And 62 did not answer ANY question.  Should their silence be default or be counted as "not satisfied", and "not recommended"?

And how does the home or the board, consider this to be proof of "satisfied" care?

I remind the readers of the posts on this blog about DOM members and the member counsel.

Closing down the dorm unit?

This post tells of why the veterans in DOM stopped going to member counsel meetings, and is a good indication why they did not fill out the survey.

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