Thursday, October 31, 2013

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, Shutting veterans out, or running out of victims?

What is happening to the Michigans Veterans Home?

Over 200,000 veterans in Michigan, and less than 500 at the veterans home in G.R.? Most of those veterans are Vietnam or earlier. Few if any, are the Peace time veterans, (those that served after 1970).

Today with many veterans in need, coming back from Afghanistan, why aren't we seeing more of these guys being admitted to the home?

In deed, it seems the number of veterans at the home, is DECREASING, not increasing. And No help is being offered to the new younger generation of veterans.. why?

Is this the politics of the Far left playing into our daily lives, or is there another reason? The fact that this new generation would not put up with what is going on at the home, and one or more of them would go postal, if the home started admitting them and treating them the way they do the veterans that are there now.   I think that is closer to the real answer.

This is what happens when you get an administration ran by a board of Mismanagers, and an administrator that lacks any real experience and professionalism.

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