Sunday, October 20, 2013

Veteran Fears retaliation from staff members.

Angry has reported it, and tonight I saw it with my own eyes. And It SICKENS ME!

How DARE they treat our guys like this?

Tonight folks,I was invited to dinner with a veteran from the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, and his wife. We went to a nice restaurant on Plainfield Avenue and had a very good meal. It was after that, during our casual conversation that I saw something that shook me to my very soul.

Now let me tell you before I go into the details that Angry who owns this blog, told me I can only post the truth. Well this is as true as it gets.

We were talking about the local news in General. About Art Prize, and the new blue lights on the pedestrian bridge over the Grand River, when this veteran had a spasm. His wife asked him how long they had been going on. He said several months. His wife asked him if he had told the doctors.

And that is when it started. You could see the FEAR in his eyes. He said no, as he was holding back tears. He said he wouldn't trust a DOG to those doctors at the home. That angered his wife who said she was going to look into it as soon as she got him back to the home.

He begged her not to. When asked why, he replied because they would take away his power wheel chair. Then she told me that they had put a notice on his chair that if he refused to take all the medication they said he had to take, they would take away his power chair. And HE paid for that power chair.  It does not belong to the home.  All the while the old veteran was practically crying.
He did not want her creating any waves, as he feared the staff would take it out on him.

This is the kind of abuse that our veterans are having to put up with. The poor guy doesn't trust the doctors and lives in fear of the staff taking his property away because he doesn't want to take drugs that are making his life miserable.  And the wife cannot do much as the home used the courts to impose a guardian on him. Now a State Ordered guardian has control over this man, this Veteran. The wife has some say, and a little control over her husband's life.

This is one of several veteran families I have been talking to lately as part of my investigation into the Home's usage of Guardians to abuse veterans and terrorize their families. And what I am learning will shake you to your boots with anger. My investigation report when finished, will be turned over to Federal and State prosecutors for further action.

And I bet that idiot Earnest Meyers, Chairman of the Board of Managers, who claims he runs the place, doesn't even know this kind of thing is happening.

UPDATE:  I just got a call from my friends wife.
She asked me to put the following into this post.

"Joe, we got back to the Home and I signed him back in and the med nurse was sitting behind the desk. I told her about the spastic movement in his upper extremities. She knew about it as she witnessed it a couple of days ago.

I asked her if she charted it and she said and this is a quote

"We aren't allowed to chart things as I am only the med nurse"

OMFG.. Don't those people know how to leave a message for a REAL nurse then, or are they really that incompetent or a combination of both?!! 

THIS is the kind of care giving our Veterans are getting, folks!

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