Monday, October 28, 2013

Privatization is a smoke screen for the real problems at the GR Veterans Home.

Privatization is a smoke screen for the real problems at the Veterans Home. 

Thru all the news about privatization or union workers, the issues at hand are being ignored. I am for privatization as it allows more freedom is dismissing those workers that just don't have what it takes to do the job, when it is necessary to dismiss them. Don't have to get hung up with the union and their arbitration process. The problem goes beyond this and very very few are looking at that. They are getting hung up by this issue.

The issues of abuse, the food, the drugging, has nothing to do with privatization. This has to do with the mandates set by the administration of the home and how they operate and treat the veterans. 

The mentality of "take your drugs or you will be punished"  is one that that we need to get others involved with. 

We need to put an end to the assholes like Paul, the charge nurse on 3 South who has done this to several veterans. 

And Krysta, the med nurse who also threatens veterans on a daily basis.

And if a veteran calls the Local Police to report their Chair or scooter stolen, the home lies to the cops. They, being the home, will inform the authorities that the veteran isn't safe on the scooter, lying in the process, and the veteran is backed into a corner. 

Already over drugged, the Veteran sounds like he is out of his mind, but that is the result when you over drug people, you are affecting their entire bodily functions, and when a veterans gets "overly zealous or strong opinionated" they get drugged.

Now some of these drugs don't give the veteran enough strength to cough and when that happens, pneumonia sets in and the Veteran ends up fighting for his life in a hospital bed.

Look at what they did with Billy Rae. They punished him. After they broke his drain tube, they stopped draining fluids off of his chest cavity, and eventually took the tube out. And that was done by an incompetent nurse who had to call someone to give her instructions over the phone while she did it!  

They (the veterans home)  killed him, plain and simple.  A friend told me that he was talking to doctor Bates, who said "too bad Billy didn't stay here". WTF Bates?!! , You had him in hospice! You weren't doing a thing for the man!  You (curse) Hypocrite. You were waiting for him to DIE.

When Billy got to the Battle Creek Hospital and they drained 8 quarts of liquid off his chest. 
Between October and the end of December when he died, more than 40 liters of fluid were removed from him. This is a cumulative total. 40 liters for 3 months, and he went HOW LONG at the home without having ANY drainage?!! 6 months, to a year. Once he got to Battle Creek and started getting some real medical attention, it took forever for the Veterans home in Grand Rapids to pay him the money that was owed to him.

His heart finally gave out due to the months of stress that extra fluid was exerting on the heart. Months of stress that could have been avoided at the Veterans home, had you guys fixed his drain tube, or at least tried to drain the excessive fluids off his chest.  
  Instead, you BATES,  made him suffer and in the end killed Billy Rae by not doing a thing for him, and I am sure the same has happened to many other veterans who were once at the home. Edgar as chief of Medicine there, and Sara Dunn should be held as accessories. 

Look at what they do to the Rankin guys, who have alcohol problems. The home doesn't help them. It keeps them at the home long enough to soak up a lot of money from the states veterans fund, (which pays for these veterans who have no income), or from the Federal VA, (which pays for the cost of care for service related injuries), and then when you are done with them, or the veteran becomes more than you are willing to tolerate, you throw them to the street, knowing that they will probably be dead in less than 3 months.

How many did you throw to the street  in 2012; 8 veterans, 10 veterans, more than 12?  I can think of 6 right now. And how many died? 4 within yards of the home itself.

Just another example of how Privatization is just a smoke screen.. 

The real problem, is the administration.  Dirty Earnie Meyers and the board of Mismangers who don't have a clue as to whats going on in the home. And let us not forget Sara Dunn who is too busy bending over for people, and flirting with the veterans.

And the problem goes all the way to the head office in Lansing. 

 We are asking Federal Congressional members to support a criminal investigation of the State of Michigan Veterans Home,  located in Grand Rapids Michigan, for the following reasons:

 To Stop the abuse of veterans and their rights by non caring non responsive staff members on both low and high end of the administration, in various forms including Intimidation, out right threatening, over drugging, non essential drugging, the taking of personal property, Sleep Deprivation,  substandard meals resulting in veterans being malnourished, constantly being threatened with discharge when the staff knows the veteran has no were else to go but the street, refusing treatments for known conditions including stress, ADHD, PTSD, Alcoholism, etc and refusing to fully and properly disclose terms and costs to veterans, resulting in Veterans fearing to speak up or have others speak up for them due to reprisal from the Staff.


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