Thursday, October 24, 2013

Millions wasted on new awning that will NOT do what it is supposed to do.

1.1 million dollars, plus cost overruns and other charges, for this:

 At least that is what it is SUPPOSED to look like. But why bother? What is the reason for wasting 1.1 million dollars plus on a new awning that does not address the problem of why they were replacing it in the first place!

The idea here, was to create an area, where buses and ambulances could come and load and unload their passengers, with little interference from the weather. Meaning RAIN, SNOW, WIND.

Guess what folks? The last one did not work, and neither will this one.

Look at this picture to the left. Look at the arrows, This is where the wind will come in and wrap around the building and any bus or ambulance that is parked there and blow snow and ice and rain. This the exact same situation we had before. Nothing has changed, except this new awning SHOULD look better than the old one.

Is it worth 1.1 million to replace the old one? Or is this just another way to skim more money off of the veterans or the system that is supposed to be helping them?

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