Saturday, October 26, 2013

This kind of Abuse must STOP at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

The practice of taking a veterans Power Wheel Chair, or scooter from them, unless they immediately take medication, or  for refusing to take medication that is having a negative effect on them, or when the effects are a side effect that the veteran cannot handle, is nothing less than Harassment or Abuse of a veteran.

The mere act of threatening to take away their power chair or scooter for ANY reason is unacceptable. This is HARASSMENT and ABUSE of our veterans. 

Well today we have 2 people to thank for that abuse. Paul, a charge nurse on 3 south, and Krysta, the med nurse.  Both today, threatened a veteran with taking his power scooter if he did not take his medication immediately. 

You see, this veteran missed his morning med's, because the nurses woke him up twice in the middle of the night to check his vitals. He overslept and when he finally woke up, this is how they treated him.

This is what they do to these guys folks.. As far as I am concerned, Paul's license should be revoked immediately.

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